Accommodation Guide

Below is a list of possible accommodation options. Please note that these are not recommendations and are just to assist you in your search for accommodation in and around Sheffield.

Hotels with a discount arranged by Visit Sheffield

Visit Sheffield have arranged discounted accommodation in Sheffield for the duration of the Street Choirs Festival and you can book easily and without fuss via the link below. Visit Sheffield is a department of Sheffield City Council and are not profit making so the discounts should be real.

Click here for Discounted hotels

If you have any queries about your booking, are having trouble completing your booking online or wish to make a group booking of 20 delegates or more, please contact Jane Tompkins


Budget Hotels

The above uses more expensive hotels and there are a range of budget type hotels in and around Sheffield:

Youth Hostels

There is no YHA hostel in Sheffield. The nearest are in Hathersage which is 8.5 miles from Sheffield City Centre and Eyam which is 10.5 miles away….but they are in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales. Click here to Find out more.

The Hope Valley railway takes you from Hathersage to Sheffield in about 27 minutes. It also runs through Grindleford, Bamford, Hope and Edale.  The current timetable runs until June 1st but times will be very similar for the summer.

To reach The Octagon from the railway station, you can get a Supertram to the University stop or a 95a bus from Paternoster Row.  There are several other buses if you walk up the hill to Arundel Gate.

The hostels below are within easy reach of the city centre (however please do check reviews before booking):

RS Hostel


Camping, Caravan, Motorhome sites

Again there are none very close to the city centre but the following is a list of sites which are in reasonable distance of Sheffield:

Motorhome and Campervan Pub Stopovers (from Search for Sites) 


There are a number of choir members and friends who are willing to offer stays in their homes for the 2 nights of the festival to include a breakfast.  These are limited and we would want to offer these in the first instance to people who may find that the cost of accommodation in Sheffield may prohibit them from attending the festival, or may have other needs such that a homestay may offer them a more comfortable experience. If you are interested in a homestay please email us on

Contact us

If you have any specific concerns or questions about accommodation in Sheffield please email us at