Massed Sing

Learning Resources

Here are all the learning resources you will need for the Massed Sing songs. Please be aware that these materials have been shared by the creators for this purpose specifically. Please do not share them with others for any other reason.

Can’t Eat Money
Let’s Sit At The Table
One Song One Dance One World One Chance
The Internationale
‘L Hurriya Jaya

Helpful resources. Please read these context and language notes and listen to these recordings to help with pronunciation first.

NotesSongsheet with ArabicSpoken Arabic words
Sung Arabic Verses
Call (Sops)
‘l Hurriya
‘l Adalla
‘l Quowwa
Sung Arabic Verses
Response (A, T, B)
‘l Hurriya
‘l Adalla
‘l Quowwa
Video of San Ghanny performance

The lyrics, score and soundfiles for the whole song:

Lyrics side by side
Lyrics with Arabic
Alternative layout – print for
best view
ScoreAll partsSopAltoTenorBass